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Lasers have very different properties from standard lighting effects, making the laser beam one of the most beautiful light forms. Utilizing its unique properties, laser lighting instruments produce stunning high-tech effects for nightclubs and conerts. Through our strong connections, we are able to get you the specific brands and PRICES you are looking for!
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Wrought Iron Chandelier
Size: Hx" Wx"
Finish: Color / Style
Tiffany Table Lamp
Size: Hx" Wx"
Finish: Color / Style
Lamps 'R' Us   |   212-348-5267
General Info:  We do installation, restoration and repair.
All your lighting needs under one roof!
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General Info:  Your #1 source for lighting fixtures, installation, UL,
repair, assembly and much more! Serving the NYC area & nationwide.
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Available for our greater New York City area clientelle. Shipping & Handling is also available nationwide!
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