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Hotel owner, manager or operator? You're looking at the people who can do it all for you under ONE roof! From bulb replacements, to fixtures, maintenance and even design suggestions. Let us take care of your industry's heavy lighting needs while you cater to you the many other issues you have to deal with! (Large scale hotels, casinos, convention centers and more)
  Services Offered:  Bulk Sales, Project Management, Rewiring, Hanging, Cleaning, Maintenance, Replacements and more...
Wrought Iron Chandelier
Size: Hx" Wx"
Finish: Color / Style
Tiffany Table Lamp
Size: Hx" Wx"
Finish: Color / Style
Lamps 'R' Us   |   212-348-5267
General Info:  We do installation, restoration and repair.
All your lighting needs under one roof!
Address:  232 East 105th Street, New York, NY 10128  ( View Map )
Lamp Repair    |   877-526-7737
General Info:  Your #1 source for lighting fixtures, installation, UL,
repair, assembly and much more! Serving the NYC area & nationwide.
Address:  1713 Second Ave, New York, NY 10128  ( View Map )
Available for our greater New York City area clientelle. Shipping & Handling is also available nationwide!
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